Voicenotes - Charlie Puth


Charlie Puth

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2018-05-11
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2018 Artist Partner Group, Inc. for the United States and WEA International Inc. for t


Title Artist Time
The Way I Am Charlie Puth 3:06 USD 1.29
Attention Charlie Puth 3:28 USD 1.29
LA Girls Charlie Puth 3:17 USD 1.29
How Long Charlie Puth 3:20 USD 0.69
Done For Me (feat. Kehlani) Charlie Puth 3:00 USD 0.69
Patient Charlie Puth 3:10 USD 1.29
If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boy Charlie Puth 4:03 USD 1.29
BOY Charlie Puth 4:23 USD 1.29
Slow It Down Charlie Puth 3:10 USD 1.29
Change (feat. James Taylor) Charlie Puth 3:37 USD 1.29
Somebody Told Me Charlie Puth 3:36 USD 1.29
Empty Cups Charlie Puth 2:50 USD 1.29
Through It All Charlie Puth 3:26 USD 1.29


  • Good Stuff

    By jorland
    Charlie thank you for making real music not the Crap they call Rap & Hip/Hop!
  • ahhh

    By Ok/eh/not really helpful
    ahhh i love him so much
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SO SO MUCH!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕😍

    By torisoundzzz
    ITS THE BEST!!!!!
  • No Filler Tunes Here, All Hits, & A+ Production

    By alsoncole
    I didn't think I'd like this album, but while looking for some new tunes, I came across it and decided to give it a try. To my surprise, I really like it. I think any song is radio-hit certain, and I would argue that the songs already released as singles (as of 6/6/18) aren't even the strongest songs on the album. Plus, the production is impeccable! I noticed that right away, especially when listening with headphones. There are so many neat details. And then I found out that he does a lot (if not all?) of it by himself! He has an incredible ear and knack for production! I get the R&B vibe, but I also hear a lot of 80s pop. Like, I love "Somebody Told Me," and the chorus reminds me of something Kenny Loggins or Rick Springfield would've come up with. Aside from that song in particular, I think the strongest tracks are "BOY," "Empty Cups," "The Way I Am," and "If You Leave Me Now" with Boyz II Men. In fact, if this was 1995 and that song was released, it'd be #1 for months, rivaling the Mariah Carey/Boyz II Men collaboration "One Sweet Day." The harmonies are crazy good! But I have listened to this whole album many times, and it's one that you can play start to finish and never have to skip a track. No filler. All great songs. I guess I'm showing up at the Charlie party a bit late, but I've gone back to listened to Nine Track Mind, which is really well put together too. But I would bet you'd be hard pressed to find an album this year that is better put together than Voicnotes. Charlie knows what he's doing, and the album prompted me to look up interviews with him to see what he's like. I have noticed that while he endures the standard interview questions very kindly and humbly, he loves talking about the intricacies of the songs and their production. You can tell that's where his passion is, and when you listen to the album it's all the more obvious. Great job.
  • amazing

    By Loooopssddiejens
    Just to let all he haters know ... the music for attention and how long is different, he does not use the base, it’s on a keyboard. Also don’t look at this your point of view look it in a musical. this song was well produce may is ALL by him which makes it very impressive. I believe that voice notes will be a jurassic difference with nine track mind. much love -
  • Superb

    By dancer206
    Charlie Puth’s second album is not one to sleep on. It’s groovier and more rock-induced than his debut album and shows his fans that he has matured! Like his last album, I love every song!
  • not bad but the same

    By lexipoo3
    the songs are bops but all same exactly the same
  • Yes Charlie

    By nighz769
    OMG 😲 love his music and all of his songs!!!😘😎😊😁😂🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌all of his songs are hot🔥🔥🔥
  • My thoughts exactly!

    By thinkman
    …………and I mean exactly! I am referencing a review by alsoncole entitled "No Filler Tunes Here……". I agree with ever word but the most interesting part were the 4 songs listed as the best. WHY ISN'T "BOY" A #1 SINGLE — it's one of the best things he's ever done — it's in a class of its own?!
  • um..............😵😵😵😵😵

    By Hithhike😆
    LA girls? what was that dude thinking this song is really bad and not to mention it sounds exactly the same as all the others. never liked his songs, so keep trying. don't use celebrities who people actually like to get attention

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