Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino - Arctic Monkeys

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Arctic Monkeys

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-05-11
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2018 Domino Recording Company Ltd


Title Artist Time
Star Treatment Arctic Monkeys 5:54 USD 1.29
One Point Perspective Arctic Monkeys 3:28 USD 1.29
American Sports Arctic Monkeys 2:38 USD 1.29
Tranquility Base Hotel & Casin Arctic Monkeys 3:31 USD 1.29
Golden Trunks Arctic Monkeys 2:53 USD 1.29
Four out of Five Arctic Monkeys 5:12 USD 1.29
The World's First Ever Monster Arctic Monkeys 3:00 USD 1.29
Science Fiction Arctic Monkeys 3:05 USD 1.29
She Looks Like Fun Arctic Monkeys 3:02 USD 1.29
Batphone Arctic Monkeys 4:31 USD 1.29
The Ultracheese Arctic Monkeys 3:37 USD 1.29


  • Oh So Boring

    By Gibb95
    As much as I'd love to like it, I just can't. It's oh so boring. It might as well be one long boring song because it's hard to tell where one ends and another begins. The last track is almost likeable. The album starts off slow and never picks up. If that was the objective then mission accomplished.
  • Takes a few listens

    By lawsomeg
    When I first listened to this album I only liked Ultracheese and Four out of Five, but I forced myself to listen again. I’m glad I did because I found myself enjoying every song during the second listen. I always listen to their slower songs more than once because I personally need to get used to them to actually appreciate them. It’s not their best album but it’s still nice.
  • And that's a wrap!

    By grooveinc
    It was a good run, but you're done.
  • Great album, you might have to listen to it multiple times to figure it out

    By Paradise_City_Kitty
    Give this album a chance. It is awesome. If you don’t get it the first time then keep listening to it. It may take a few listens to figure out.
  • Great album

    By Kal725
    I actually hated this album the first few times I listened to it. It was just jarring how different it was and I wasn’t connecting with the lyrics like I immediately did with WPSIATWIN, FWN, and Humbug. Now I can’t stop listening to it and can’t for the life of me understand why I didn’t love it from the jump. There are layers upon layers upon layers to this album. Right now my favorite songs are Batphone, The Ultracheese, TBHC, and The Worlds First, which is also strange because the first 2 songs I actually got into that made me think the album might be ok were 4 out of 5 and One Point Perspective. Can’t wait to see what my favorite songs from the album will be tomorrow.
  • Terrible. Awful. No.

    By Jna NY
    Terrible. Total disappointment. Why would anyone release this?
  • Is it all one song?

    By Jchaffee10
    Every song sounds the same - pretty sure it’s just one long, not very good, song. Meh.
  • They put a taqueria on the roof!

    By Arctic2626
    This hotel is amazing. Looking for a new place to stay since the Exodus? I suggest The Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino, located near Clavius. It’s such an easy flight! 👽 🛸
  • Sad

    By jdb610
    This is no fun and it is boring. Most concept albums have a fun theme but this is just as sad as most of the people who would sit in a lounge and listen to a bad lounge singer. This album is like a bad one night stand between David Bowe and steely Dan, both of whom would never put their name on something like this. I love their other albums and their differences but bad is bad.
  • Just keep listening and open your mind.

    By AgainstBen
    I wasn’t sure what to think at first. I was pretty bummed that every track was so slow and there weren’t any real bangers. But I wasn’t going to form my opinion based off one or two times thru the album. It turns out I really love this whole thing. Somehow it grew on me. Just accept that bands evolve and sometimes get bored with a particular sound.

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