My Love

The-Dream & Mariah Carey

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2009-03-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:03

Music Video


  • <3

    By Night Winds
  • I don't like it sry pppl

    By Mrniceguy$$$$$$!!!??
    Sry ppl I don't like it

    By A-Craeghs
    Yes, Mariah rocks and what else could you expect? Reflectin her shine on cute The-Dream. Don't read any lower ratings reviews, these are just jealous people! Still the best voice in a whole POP music history and great performance. The absolute MUST SEE and HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The best duet of 2009

    By MCl3oy
    F off haters !! Mariah did really well in this video. Are u deaf or something?? Can't u hear that whistle??
  • Just close your eyes and listen bec...

    By PinkIvy
    the video makes the song bad. Mariah's middle age is showing through the too big hair, too little outfits and two much make-up. I understand Nick was doing this for his wifey and all, but it is not 1995, time for Mariah to make some big girl music videos.
  • any song dream maks is HOTT!!! but dream and MARIAH CAREY its too much

    By combos77
    dis song is so gud i luv this song wen i heard it on MTV Jams i jus went wild cus dis song is fuego
  • Mariah's Fall From The Charts

    By US Billboard Daily
    Surely we’ve heard Mariah's utterly disappointing hits from her half-hearted album "E=MC2", but at this point it's become hard to take Mariah's music seriously. Despite her over-the-top image, Mariah's voice remains a diamond in the rough and The Dream's new single does not remind us of Mimi or as we know "The Voice of Return". Instead, this makes Mariah seem pretentious, desperate and overall exhausted from her superfluous work in the 90's. Does this mark Mariah’s rapid decline from the charts?
  • Hot!

    By Sisniggles
    I'm disappointed because yhe people is not downloading it!!! It's a great song and a great video! I love Mariah.
  • the dream and mariah carey

    By ariannna
    love the the song... mariah carey and the dream sound great singing together..hope it is a big hit
  • My Love

    By Mrs. Key
    I wish I could have seen just a little more of the video because I didn't really get the connection between Mariah and The Dream, however the melody is beautiful. I am tempted to buy but really need to see more. By the way my name is McKey not Key, thank you very much.