Diamonds from Sierra Leone

Kanye West

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2005-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:31

Music Video


  • The Whole Truth About Diamonds

    By ArmyIn87
    All of the previous comments are correct, but you also have to include diamonds from the rest of Africa too. Our country (U.S.) close a blind eye towards the atrocities occurring in the diamond industry in the name of making money. I worked with a U.S. NGO providing fresh drinking water to communities and saw first hand what is occurring in Sierra Leone, Liberia, DRC, Cameroon and Egypt with the exploitation of children (sex trade, slave labor), women (sex trade, slave labor) and men (slave labor). All countries allowing diamonds or any other commodity entering their country from any country with deplorable human rights is part of the problem. It's easy to enforce…simply stop doing business with the Debeers of the world until they take care of their people, the developing country where they extract precious metals from and the country supporting this despicable behavior.
  • Beautiful!

    By tabster72!
    I would rate this 100 stars if I could! This video is really great and interesting! It's a different style than most of his songs. It has almost a haunting female voice singing, but it makes thse song good. I would buy this video instead of just the song. Worth the extra 50 cents!
  • A Kanye Video at its best

    By Bishopobispo
    Not only is this a great song, but the video (a short film in itself) makes this piece worth every penny. I can't wait until iTunes gets Kanye's newest song - "Welcome to Heartbreak".
  • Good video - Jay-Z remix lyrics better

    By MightyRedWinn74
    Good looking video; good photography and atmosphere; Kanye put it together well but the rhymes in this version doesn't put across the conflict diamonds issue nearly as much as the remix version - sadly no video for that version, but check that one out too.
  • He Used The Wrong Version Of The Song

    By Joshua52790
    This is a very powerful video, no doubt. However listen to the lyrics of the remix and you will agree that it goes along with the video much better than the original. Just listen and you'll agree.
  • ......

    By MuSiC-LuVer!
    He is truly a great rapper, he raps about the truth! whats real and what matters of course. I mean what other rapper would write such a powerful song about a tremendous issue like this? none so far and yet this regular guy writes and people listen to it! this is an amazing accomplishment! i love kanye west!!
  • i beleive that this song is one of the best songs ever recorded from kanye

    By Mr. Bulldog Jr.
    it speaks the truth in the song, every word of it.

    By CoolCatLovin'
    ok to say the least: i only saw the preview- and now im hooked, and i want to buy its that good ^_^ it is TOTALLY Worth it!!! xD ~†˚pRincESs Ai˚†~
  • Wow

    By RhettMurray
    This video is right up there with Invisible Children.
  • WOW

    By rap aint crap
    this video is flat out captivating. best music video i have ever seen. definitely recommend it.

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